What We Want is Free: Critical Exchanges in Recent Art

Explores how contemporary artists use gifts, barter, and other forms of nonmonetary exchange as a means and medium of artistic production.

This revised edition of What We Want Is Free examines a twenty-year history of artistic productions that both model and occupy the various forms of exchange within contemporary society.

Germantown City Hall

A city hall located in an abandoned city hall structure in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.

hungry cowboy

A quartet with Jacob Wick (trumpet), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Briggan Krauss (saxophone), and Mike Pride (drums).

Model Model UN

A daylong event modeled after a Model UN, with the goal of arriving at a definition for social practice.


A living room in West Oakland.

a mown lawn

A quintet with Judith Berkson, voice; Curtis Hasselbring, trombone; Josh Sinton, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet; Jacob Wick, trumpet; and Katherine Young, bassoon.

Conditional Actions

A set of internet-based text scores written between 2008 and 2015.

Solo trumpet

In his solo performances, Jacob Wick uses the physical construction of the instrument in tandem with the emotional construction of the instrument in an attempt to create an intimate environment for himself and whoever and whatever else happens to be nearby.

White Rocket

A trio with Greg Felton, piano; Sean Carpio, drums; and Jacob Wick, trumpet